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Email from Nillumbik council.

We have had several members contact us about rugby coming back with the new easing of restrictions. Here is an email from Nillumbik council that was sent to us in regards to the current status of sporting clubs in Nillumbik.

When we know more we will update our amazing community as soon as possible.

Dear Sporting Community,

As you would be aware, restrictions in the State of Victoria have been eased, starting 13 May, 2020.

What does this mean for your club?

Council continues to monitor and follow the directions of the State Sporting Associations (SSA’s) whom are the governing bodies of various sporting codes across Victoria. Sport and Recreation Victoria (SRV) has established an LGA Sport COVID-19 Working Group, which comprises of SRV representatives, Local Government representatives and representatives from affected State Sporting Associations.

Until we have received direction from SRV and SSA’s, the current restrictions will remain until alternative Council direction is given. Sport by sport decisions may be made, depending on plans put in place by SSA’s , and Council’s comfort that those guidelines can be adhered to in Council owned and managed facilities.

Councils will need time to process these guidelines, and we ask for your patience while we make decisions. Many sports use Council owned and managed facilities, and different considerations will need to made for each sport.

You should familiarise yourself with the State Government’s State of Emergency Declarations & FAQ’s.

You should also discuss your plans with your SSA, as there may be insurance implications, should you resume training, following permission from Council to use facilities.

For the current sport and recreational activities restrictions click here

We appreciate this is an uncertain and fast moving situation, but we will continue to update you on changes as they occur.

Kind Regards,


Nillumbik Shire Council

From the President (2/May/2020)

Hi everybody,

With the bleak and wet weather hitting Melbourne, it is only natural that our thoughts turn to playing rugby, and the remarkable rejuvenating properties of a roll in the Bridge St mud! For all us trying to cope with a sports-free lockdown, there is some good news on the horizon. Pending the decision of the State Government regarding the state of emergency that exists in Victoria until May 11th, Rugby Victoria, working with other parties and Rugby Australia, has developed a plan to deliver a rugby season this year, with early July targeted for the kick-off. I have attached the updated modelling for this to happen, where three options are presented, with a key factor being ground availability in October for finals, an issue being worked on through discussions between all sporting codes, councils and the State government

If you have a look at the fine detail on the spreadsheet, you will see that there is a staged return to full contact. If given the green light on May 11th, Stage B would be initiated (no more than 10 per training group), and would operate over two 14 day cycles. If all goes well, we would then move to Stage C, where full-contact team training would be allowed. Concurrently, we will be working to develop our club policy around hygiene, an area that Rugby Vic is actively developing protocols for with the assistance of medical experts.

My apologies for the detail and documentation – we will provide a summary of information in due course and any updates as they come to hand.

There is light at the end of the tunnel!


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ELTHAM RUGBY UNION FOOTBALL CLUB was launched in October 1970 with support from the Local Council, the Victorian Rugby Union (now called Rugby Victoria, RV) and former players of Footscray RUFC.

On field in 2018 the club had two very successful senior teams in the Victorian Premiership competition and a record 8 Junior teams participating in competitions for all ages from Under 6 to Under 18. The club achieved Premierships in 1980, 1986 (U14), 1987 (U12), 1988 (U14), 1990, 1992, 1994, 2000, 2007, 2010, 2014 and the latest in 2018.

Eltham Rugby has a loyal membership, from esteemed Life Members to the families of our youngest junior players. There were 161 registered players in 2018 with a supportive following of family and friends who proudly wear the Wattle emblem.

Volunteers are at the core of the club's operation. Eltham Rugby on and off the field fosters a strong community and family friendly environment. A management committee of elected volunteers run the club and they always welcome motivated individuals to help with any aspect of club operation.

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